Event Managment

Gulf Arena is an Events company based in Dubai that has a wealth of experience, expertise and an impressive portfolio of satisfied customers with a track record of countless largescale events. From sporting events to conferences or graduation ceremonies. Gulf Arena provides all that you need in terms of turnkey event management.

At Gulf Arena, EACH EVENT IS A CUSTOM PROJECT, irrespective of size or budget. This is what makes us different.

Whether you need to generate sales, build client loyalty, thank someone or celebrate an important milestone, the Gulf Arena team possesses the event management expertise to ensure your event is a success.

In understanding who we are its important to deconstruct the event production process, from conceptualization and design, event management, and of course event delivery.
Our approach to the design process is a relatively simple one… We need to identify the message we are trying to get across to the audience.
There must be a meaning to the show, whether it is about corporate identity reinforcement, or a product launch… in other words, it needs to make sense, as well as being entertaining.

From the venue, and with site drawings, Gulf Arena will determine all physical aspects of your event for maximizing the visual impact, and ensuring all technical aspects are achievable. We will present you with visuals, so WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.

Here in the UAE you need to be ready for anything….and always have an appetite for new and creative ideas. So Gulf Arena needs strives to maintain Momentum,…making sure we set the benchmark within the industry.
No event is too big or small, and we supply, directly or to other contractors, various solutions for festivals, product launches, conferences, graduation ceremonies, private parties, concerts, and sporting events. Our four divisions allows us to cover a wide range of events, by providing Event Management, Grandstand Seating, Scaffolding and Temporary structures. That being said, its safe to say we are geared up to handle any event production that comes our way.

Budgeting, scheduling, site inspections are all part of the planning process to ensure a successful event for all parties. Our dedicated team will work closely with our engineers and designers to provide feasible and technically advanced solutions to make you stand out whatever you do!

Our strength lies in our 23 years experience in the Middle east, during which we can confidently say we have worked at every single ballroom, hotel, stadium or beach in the UAE. This is why our work is largely repeat business, and our long term partnering with many local and government entities is also testimony to our DEDICATION, COMMITMENT, CONSISTENCY, CAPABILITY, and CREATIVITY.

Most events have a flavour of celebration, but Gulf Arena also carry out smaller events with regular based clients who give us the opportunity to explore various sides of the event management world. No event is too large or too small to benefit from Gulf Arena’s experience and expertise

In order to have a smooth event, we work closely with our clients to ensure all relevant information is communicated, in relation to the venue, corporate identity and the program of the event. Our ideas and concepts for each event are largely based on the venue, and the number of high profile personalities invited to the event. The magnitude of the event is also determined by the message the client wants to send out, and the image they want to depict. Entertaining the guests is often a key factor, and Gulf Arena has a wealth of experience in outsourcing the right entertainment for your event, whether it is a corporate event or private event.

In addition, our Grandstand Seating and Scaffolding divisions support us in all fields of work and help us gain direct access to major sporting events in the region.


Specialising in event management turnkey solutions, from design to completion, Gulf Arena will ensure all the needed equipment and special requirements are in place for your event, from the supply of technical equipment to fireworks, event infrastructure, temporary seating or screens for your event, graduation ceremony or conference.